A new Time Travel destination: the Agnes Convent in Arnhem

Recently, I wrote about the cooperation with Arnhem: this week gives the first result of this partnership. We present a new time travel destination: the Agnes Convent (Agnietenklooster) from the period 1420 – 1634.In Arnhem they have built a vast collection of models from the history of Arnhem. In the past few weeks we have taken one of these to build a second time travel destination next to Hummelo. It proved that we can exchange our models relatively easy, which gives a lot of possibilities for the future. You can expect more from this cooperation!

The convent can be explored in almost the same way as Hummelo:

  • Online, by clicking the blue ‘Arnhem Agnietenklooster’ on the right.
  • Download, by using the ‘Download’ button at the top.
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