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Streamtram with steam and smoke

This months’ release of project Hummelo 1900 includes a number of improvements: the steam tram now actually emits steam and smoke, shadows are now properly included and the first people have been seen.

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Enghuizen at location

One of the most significant models in my collection of Hummelo is the castle ‘Enghuizen’. The castle has been demolished in 1948, but using augmented reality it is possible to view the castle in its original spot again. The tool …

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In this month’s version of the Hummelo Time Travel game I have managed to bring the steam tram back to life. You will be taken aboard of the carriage which will make a return trip between the town of Hummelo …

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I have released a new version of Hummelo – the game today. In the game you can walk around and experience the way the town looked in 1900. All models can be viewed in full detail and some buildings can …

Hummelo 1900 (March 2013) Read More »

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Enghuizen castle

I think it is time to tell you a bit more about the town I have chosen as the destination of my time travel. Hummelo is a small town in the eastern part of The Netherlands. The earliest records are …

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