Cooperation with Arnhem 3D

Cooperation with Arnhem 3D

Colleagues in the Dutch city Arnhem have been working on modelling the history of the city for some time now. A couple of weeks ago we started a cooperation to in order to enhance each others work.

De Korenmarkt in Arnhem 3D
De Korenmarkt in Arnhem 3D

The focus in Anrhem in on the years around 1935 and 1600. Large parts of the city have been reconstructed in this way, leading to many beautiful pictures and videos.

We are now working to turn the Arnhem 3D models into a time travel experience like we did for Hummelo. The first task will be the Agnietenklooster from 1420-1635. It proves that it is working well and you can start looking forward walking around this monastery within a couple of weeks. Some preliminary pictures:



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