Hummelo 1900 in Google Earth

My places in Google Earth

You can view the house models of historical Hummelo in Google Earth by clicking on the following link: Hummelo in Google Earth

The model is updated automatically. If new or updated models are published, they will appear automatically. If you store the file in the ‘My places’ section in Google Earth (see right), you can follow the developments easily.

Within the file you can choose between the two available dates: 1900 and 1950, which will show the models of the houses from the chosen period. Within the date selection you can also switch between the models (‘Modellen’, 3D), the footprints (‘Plattegronden’, 2D) and locations ‘(Punten’, 1D)

One advise from me: in the menu Extra – Options – Navigation, select the option ‘Disable tilt when zooming’. This will disable Google Streetview and the zooming works better when close to the ground.


Separate models

The various models can be viewed using the window below. On the Google Earth picture you can see white plots at the locations of buildings in 1900 for which I have made a model. If you click on such a plot, a dialog will appear with a link named ‘Model’. Clicking on this link will open the model from that location in Google Earth.

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