New release of Time Travel destination Hummelo

New release of Time Travel destination Hummelo

Quite a few new parts have been added to the Time Travel destination Hummelo in the past few months. So it was time for a new release of the virtual reconstruction of the history of Hummelo.

The latest additions are:

  • Travelling forward and backward through time. The keyboard buttons < and > can be used to change the current year. This enables one to see all the model I made in the period between 1900 and 1950 and see the changes in the village through time.
  • Villa ‘Het Zand’ and the millers house close to the windmill.
  • The grand hall and main salon interiors of Enghuizen.

You can explore the past online of download the virtual world. To play within the browser you can click on the button ‘Play’ at the top or on the blue ‘Hummelo 1900-1950’ button at the right. The best quality can be experienced by downloading the environment. You can do this using the button ‘Download’ at the top. For the first time I have included a version for Linux, but be warned: I haven’t tested it, so please inform me whether it works!

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