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Virtual Reality software components move to Passer VR

You may have noticed that many of my latest posts are not quite about virtual time travel. Instead they discussĀ  the technical challenges you meet in virtual reality software design. I have decided to create a better place for them

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Virtual hands and static object collisions

In a previous article I wrote about grabbing objects and moving them around,using Unity3d in a virtual reality environment but not everything in the world can be moved around. Therefore I will be discussing how you can deal with your

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Grabbing objects with hinges – advanced VR hands

Yesterday I posted instructions on how to grab objects with your hands in Unity. This post included only the first steps. I created a video showing off the current implementation of my virtual reality hands.

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Grabbing virtual hands in Unity

In this first post on virtual hands in Unity I will explain the basics of picking up objects. What do you need to include in your gameobjects, how to setup the colliders and make the objects follow your hands.

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