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Video of Hummelo in 1900 by Arnhem 3D

As part of the cooperation with Arnhem 3D they made a video of the Hummelo 1900 model using Lumion 3D.

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New release of Time Travel destination Hummelo

Quite a few new parts have been added to the Time Travel destination Hummelo in the past few months. So it was time for a new release of the virtual reconstruction of the history of Hummelo.

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From 8 October 2013, visiting the past will be possible

On that day the first version of a Virtual Time Travel project will be released. The project ‘Hummelo 1900’ will enable travelling to the past of the small Dutch Village of Hummelo in the year 1900. In the past year

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A masterpiece: the church’s pulpit

Recently, I was able too add a special component to the model of the church in Hummelo: the pulpit. It is remarkable in various ways: to begin with, it is the first step of modelling the interior of the church.

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Video: Virtual time travel Hummelo 1900 – june 2013

At the end of this month I share you the state of my project with this video. I expect this will be the last preview for this summer as I am planning to release a final version after that.

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