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The model of the pulplit

Recently, I was able too add a special component to the model of the church in Hummelo: the pulpit. It is remarkable in various ways: to begin with, it is the first step of modelling the interior of the church. …

A masterpiece: the church’s pulpit Read More »

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The number of models I introduced in the past year has been growing rapidly. About one model per week has been released. This has its effect on the performance: it is not as smooth as when I started using Unity3D …

Level of detail is essential in a 4 km2 model, an Indie guide Read More »

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Simplified house mesh

Most of my models are created in Sketchup and exported to Unity. I could not export my complete model at once as it is much to big for that. This created the issue that the models lost their relative position …

Positioning GPS located Sketchup models in Unity Read More »

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Exactly 1 year ago I sent out my first (dutch) tweet into world about my activities on modeling Hummelo in 3D. I can say that I have made quite some progress since then.

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Streamtram with steam and smoke

This week I released a new version of virtual environment of Hummelo around 1900. As usual I also made a video in which I show you around the town and highlight this months’ new features: Improved steam tram with smoke …

Video – Hummelo 1900 (May 2013) Read More »

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