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Video of Hummelo in 1900 by Arnhem 3D

As part of the cooperation with Arnhem 3D they made a video of the Hummelo 1900 model using Lumion 3D.

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Grabbing objects with hinges – advanced VR hands

Yesterday I posted instructions on how to grab objects with your hands in Unity. This post included only the first steps. I created a video showing off the current implementation of my virtual reality hands.

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Full Body Movement with Razer Hydra and Unity

This weekend I posted a video showing off the recent techniques I have implemented for body movement based on the Razer Hydra (or STEM or any other 1- or 2-point hand tracking system).

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Travelling virtually through time in the Hummelo project

This week I released a new video on the Hummelo project. It gives a preview of the new function of travelling though time. This enables the visitor to travel in all 4 dimensions including time (ok, the upward movement is

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Video: Virtual time travel Hummelo 1900 – june 2013

At the end of this month I share you the state of my project with this video. I expect this will be the last preview for this summer as I am planning to release a final version after that.

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