Travelling virtually through time in the Hummelo project

Travelling virtually through time in the Hummelo project

This week I released a new video on the Hummelo project. It gives a preview of the new function of travelling though time. This enables the visitor to travel in all 4 dimensions including time (ok, the upward movement is limited to jumping right now).

The Hummelo project was limited to the year 1900 until now. I chose 1900 because the village was still quite small while accurate sources like photo’s and stories from villages are available. This reduced the amount of work to do for having a rather complete image. However, the project initially started with a focus on 1950, so I already had quite a few models from the later period.

Now I am combining all my model into one big environment in which you can travel freely in all directions. Apart from walking around and travelling with the steam tram you can now also travel forward and backward in time, seeing the environment change while you travel. The most interesting period is 1900-1940, because most models are from that period.

Right now, the resolution in time is rather course: you can only determine the year in which you are. In the ideal situation you would be able to select a specific date and time to travel to. This is feasible, but takes a lot more effort.

In the leftmost corner you can see the current year and with the two keyboard buttons ‘<‘ and ‘>’ you can travel backward and forward in time. In an Oculus Rift/Razer Hydra version, such an display and input method does not work. It is very hard to find these keyboard buttons wearing the Oculus Rift and using HUD displays like the one in the upper left corner does not look right in a proper VR display. For those reasons I am working on a special virtual device which will give a realistic feeling, but more on that later.

Here is a video showing the time travel function. The commentary is in Dutch, but I think you can grasp the idea after reading the information above.

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