Virtual Reality software components move to Passer VR

Virtual Reality software components move to Passer VR

You may have noticed that many of my latest posts are not quite about virtual time travel. Instead they discussĀ  the technical challenges you meet in virtual reality software design. I have decided to create a better place for them so that this blog can refocus to virtual time travel again. So I present: Passer VR.

Passer VR will distribute, sell, support and discuss software components for virtual reality. This includes the already existing components VR Body Movements and VR Hands. The existing articles on the components will stay on this site, but further development will take place at Passer VR.

The first release from Passer VR is version 0.3 of VR Hands. This version gives a preview of the things you can expect in the full release of the asset. It will implement advanced interactive hands with hand movements up to finger level, advanced static collisions and grabbing objects with fixed handles for grabbing objects in a specific way.


For me this development is essential for virtual time travel. Interacting with the environment is essential. Without it, you will feel inside a movie or exhibition, with it you can do all the things you are used to as in the real world: open doors, operate buttons, levers, grabbing handlers to climb up, picking up a ball, throwing it away (breaking glass).

Village pump
Village pump

An important milestone for me is to get a bucket, move to the village pump and fill it with water. It seems simple, but a lot of things need to be working well before I am satisfied. Luckely, Passer VR is working on exactly what I need and I will follow them closely šŸ˜‰

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